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Moving Checklist

One Month Before Moving Day

[ ] Contact Palm Coast Moving & Storage for a free moving estimate and book your moving day. If you are planning a move in the summer, you may wish to call movers two months in advance to ensure availability on your desired moving day. 

[ ] Order moving boxes and packing supplies. 

[ ] Begin packing. Clearly label boxes with name, contents, and destination for the box (i.e. "DR" for Dining Room, "MBR" for Master Bedroom).

[ ] Sort, discard, and donate unwanted items. 

[ ] Notify the post office. 

[ ] Notify doctors, dentists, and other health service providers. 

[ ] Notify the human resources and/or payroll department at work. 

[ ] Confirm elevator, loading dock, and parking reservations/parking permits for moving day at both current and destination addresses.

 Two Weeks Before Moving Day

[ ] Make arrangements for disassembly of specialty items (pianos, swing sets, etc.). 

[ ] Make arrangements for child care and/or a pet sitter for moving day. 

[ ] Arrange for time off from work to prepare for the move and to be present on moving day. 

[ ] Notify your local department of motor vehicles for change of address on your driver's license. 

[ ] Notify the necessary utility companies: 

[ ] Telephone

[ ] Cell Phone

[ ] Electric

[ ] Gas/Oil (also, schedule gas appliances to be disconnected)

[ ] Cable

[ ] Internet Service Provider

[ ] Water

[ ] Home security/alarm

 One Week Before Moving Day

[ ] Pack fragile and loose items from drawers into moving boxes. 

[ ] Confirm your moving day and time with your moving company. Gentle Giant's move coordinators will contact you 1-3 days prior to the move to ensure that all details are accurate for moving day. 

[ ] Complete the high-value inventory form (from the original paperwork sent by your move coordinator) and choose the appropriate valuation (moving insurance) option. Gentle Giant professionals are happy to assist with this process. 

[ ] Remove all permanently affixed items that you wish to take from walls and ceilings (drapes, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.). 

[ ] Change address with all newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals to which you subscribe. 

[ ] Alert friends and family to new address.

 One Day Before Moving Day

[ ] Consolidate clearly marked moving boxes of fragile items in one area of your home. Alert the movers about these moving boxes on moving day. 

[ ] Identify furniture that is fragile or has been weakened by previous damage and bring it to your mover's attention on moving day. 

[ ] Separate and mark items not intended to be moved by your movers. 

[ ] Isolate checkbook, keys, passports, plane tickets, cash, credit cards, and prescription medications. These should travel with you in your personal vehicle on moving day. 

[ ] Defrost, drain, wash, and dry refrigerators and freezers. 

[ ] Drain gasoline and oil from lawn mowers, generators, snow blowers, etc. 

[ ] Disconnect propane tank from gas grill. Your movers will not be able to transport the tank on moving day. 

[ ] Clear walkways and driveway during inclement weather.